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Meet Jenny


I'm Jenny Waters 

I'm on a heartfelt mission to empower women just like you to embrace aging with grace, energy, and a zest for life that maybe you thought had passed you by! 

Spoiler alert- menopause doesn't have to suck!

I'm not your average health coach.

In fact, I'm not just a coach; I'm your guide on a transformative journey to rediscover your vitality and joy for life, no matter the number of candles on your birthday cake.

My path to health coaching began with changing my family's diet, which successfully reversed my husband and daughter's autoimmune diseases. Then, when perimenopause hit and my doctors were of no help, I took matters into my own hands.

I figured out the additional lifestyle changes needed to not just survive but thrive in this season of life. This journey wasn't just about me; it led to a transformation in my entire family's health with simple, sustainable changes that really stick.

My clients know that I will encourage and challenge them to build the consistent, healthy lifestyle that opens the door to a vibrant midlife and beyond.

I believe midlife women deserve better!

With my engineering background and certification as a Transformational Nutrition Coach, I offer a fresh approach beyond the outdated advice of the diet industry and the medical system.

Let's build achievable, enjoyable healthy habits together—focusing on diet, movement, and self-care for lasting change!  These aren't just quick fixes but sustainable habits that set you on a path to aging powerfully.

I'm here to champion midlife women, showing you how to live in a way that not only helps you avoid the health pitfalls of previous generations but also makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

Let's redefine aging together, creating a future where midlife is just the beginning of feeling great!

Why me?

Because I've lived it! My family and I have transformed our health not by counting calories or pills, but by making simple, sustainable changes that have us feeling decades younger. And I'm here to share all of that with you!

This isn't just about eating better or moving more. It's about lowering inflammation, improving your hormone balance, and slowing down the effects of aging. 

It's about feeling amazing, enjoying food again, and reclaiming your health so you can live your dreams!

I'm here as your biggest cheerleader, your guide, and your partner in this journey. Together, we'll uncover the root causes of your health challenges and tailor a path forward that's as unique as you are.

And when I'm not coaching? I'm living the joys of an active and fun empty nest season with my family. I'm a proud mom to three daughters, happily married to my college sweetheart, Brady, and together, we're a family of Texas Aggies through and through!

From playing pickleball to kayaking and dancing, we're always on the move, embodying the vibrant lifestyle I advocate for. We're regulars at our local gym and find joy in cooking healthy, delicious meals together. We believe a healthy lifestyle isn't just about longevity but about enriching every moment with adventure and joy.

So, if you're ready to reclaim your health, savor food in a whole new way, and infuse your life with energy and joy, I'm here to guide you. Together, we'll not only aim for a healthier life but also forge a legacy of wellness, vitality, and happiness that enriches every season of your life.

Jenny Waters, CTNC - Your partner in crafting a vibrant, healthy life, no matter the season.

You get to choose to start a new family tradition of being strong and healthy as you get older!

I can't wait to cheer you on every step of the way!

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