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I guide my clients to embrace their health and vitality with the right mindset, habits, and simple changes.

They navigate perimenopause and menopause with confidence and joy, allowing them to invest wholeheartedly in what truly brings them fulfillment.

The New Era of Health for Women Ready to Thrive in Midlife

I understand that finding help for perimenopause or menopause symptoms feels harder than it should be! It's clear that the standard medical approach has its flaws, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for feeling less than your best.

With my engineering background, I've crafted a process that, combined with my nutrition training, delivers real results. I've dedicated years to mastering nutrition and lifestyle changes, helping countless women navigate midlife with joy and vitality.

My strategy focuses on fine-tuning the right habits for eating, moving, and sleeping to thrive, even with the hurdles of perimenopause and menopause. By emphasizing steady progress over extreme efforts, you'll gain the energy needed to fully enjoy the years to come.

As your Midlife Transformation Coach, I'm excited to guide you to easily build a healthy lifestyle you love!

The Jenny Waters Wellness Program Suite

Let me guide you to embrace the changes and challenges of midlife with grace and strength.

These are the moments that can transform your health and happiness!

Grab your water bottle, lace up your walking shoes, and let's embark on this journey to vitality together!

Aging to Amazing

6 Month 1:1 Coaching Program

Tired of the ups and downs of health as you age, especially with the twists and turns of perimenopause and menopause? It's time to take control and steer your health in a direction that suits you, without waiting for wake-up calls or feeling dismissed by your doctor.

Together, we'll craft a health path that respects your individual needs, preferences, and goals. This journey is about empowering you with the knowledge and tools to create a lifestyle filled with joy and vitality, especially through the menopause transition.

In my program, you'll have all the help and support you need. Every two weeks, we'll have a 30-minute chat to check in and make sure you're on track. I'll be your guide, your accountability buddy, and your biggest cheerleader as you build a lifestyle you love that's easy to maintain.

21-Day Anti-inflammatory Challenge

Kickstart Your Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle

Jumpstart your journey to a healthier you with our 21-day anti-inflammatory meal plan. Designed to simplify your life, this plan transforms meal planning from a chore into a delight, guiding you towards graceful aging and reduced inflammation.

Tired of dieting, managing chronic conditions, or relying on medications? Our program focuses on nourishing your body with delicious, simple meals. Say goodbye to counting calories and feeling overwhelmed by meal prep.

You get a comprehensive guide to revitalize your eating habits, including tasty recipes, grocery lists, and easy prep instructions. Choose your pace and let us support you in making healthy eating a lasting part of your lifestyle. In just three weeks, feel proud and energized, ready to embrace a lasting change.

Consistency Code

The Consistency Code is a special program just for women in midlife! It's all about building habits that last and really help as you get older, but in a way that's fun and full of support. This program is perfect if you're ready to make real, lasting changes in your life.

You'll get two coaching calls and a course you can do at your own pace. This will help you stick to healthy habits and age the way you want.

Remember, it's not about making big changes all at once; it's about being consistent. Let's start building a life you're excited about!

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Fueled For Fun

Struggling to stick to healthy habits you know are good for you? You're not alone and definitely capable of change!

Fueled For Fun is here to guide you. Dive into a system that focuses on food to fuel healthy aging, and when you're ready, adds in exercise, sleep, and self-care.

Perfect for midlife women ready to tackle menopause with strength and health. Get monthly coaching, habit-building plans, mindset training, and a supportive community of women just like you!

Grab One of My Freebies 

Kickstart your journey to a rejuvenated midlife with access to my two transformative free guides:

Habit Hacks and Is Inflammation Aging You Too Fast?

These resources are crafted to empower you with the knowledge and strategies needed for sustainable lifestyle changes, enhancing both your health and your life during this pivotal time.  Click the links below to access your free guides!

Habit Hacks

Unlock the power of sustainable habits that fuel your health goals, boost your energy, and enhance your well-being.

This guide is the cornerstone for building a consistent lifestyle you love!

Is Inflammation Aging You Too Fast?

Learn how inflammation might be accelerating your aging process and discover actionable strategies to slow it down.

Reduce inflammation for improved vitality, helping you age powerfully and maintain a fun active lifestyle!

Could This Be Your Turning Point?
Let's explore the possibilities together!

Jenny Waters

Nutrition and Midlife Transformation Coach

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